Hello world!

If you’re reading this you probably went to school with me or recognize me from my glamour shot on goprincetontigers.

You nailed it – I resemble a linebacker with terrible hair. My days after school have done me well. Like a caterpillar, I’m morphing into a graceful butterfly; however, slowly. I bet you’re sitting there waiting for the after picture…I haven’t perfected Photoshop yet (the picture in my about page is much more attractive if I do say so myself).

The idea for this blog began when I thought of writing a book. My plan was to use recipes to tell stories (don’t steal it!), but I realized that I don’t yet have enough recipes to use and many of my ideas cater to a blog format. I’ll keep this post short…stay tuned for the real gems!

One thought on “Hello world!

  1. Hi Caroline,
    I made granola early this morning and thought of you! The blog made me smile and laugh. I look forward to reading more. AN

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