Ellipticizing #1: Feed the Animals

Working out on the elliptical can get tedious and boring (unless Ice Loves Coco is on the tiny screen in front of you). And it’s so easy to space out and stare at the TV while sitting on a stationary bike or strutting on the elliptical rather than focusing on getting in a hard workout. Like most gym cardio machines, workouts become monotonous. But here’s the silver lining…they don’t have to be! One of my favorite things about spinning is that it reminds me of dancing…on a bike, and I LOVE to dance.

Why not work out on the elliptical the same way? Make a playlist and ellipticize to the rhythm of each song, altering the resistance depending on the beat, just like you do on a spin bike.

The first time I attempted this tactic, I was going through my Girl Talk phase and loved listening to his albums while exercising. His mash-ups have good beats, the songs flow into one another, and he mixes oldies, classics, and top 40s…you might just catch yourself singing out loud.

Elliptical Workout #1:

  • Download Girl Talk’s album Feed the Animals here
  • Play the songs in order; no shuffle! – the album sounds like one long jam
  • Warm-up: 5 minutes, anywhere between levels 1-5 (don’t start Girl Talk yet)
  • Begin! (the album is 56 minutes)
  • On songs with a faster beat –  resistance between 4-7 (you want it to be hard, but not too hard…your goal on sprints is to move fast. Check out your MPH and aim to keep the number consistent)
  • On slower songs hike up the resistance (between 10-17 or even 20 if you’re a powerhouse) so you feel like you’re climbing. Again, aim for a steady MPH
  • It’s pretty intuitive…ellpiticize to the rhythm of the song and change the resistance so it feels right for you
  • The time goes by fast, I promise
If you’re itching to get a little sweat on before a night out, not only does this elliptical routine make you feel fit and fresh, but it’s like a pre-pre-game dance party. I guess you could call it a warm up. And don’t forget…feed yo animals!!

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