Casual Cruising

“I’m not going to buy my kids an encyclopedia. Let them walk to school like I did.” – Yogi Berra

I have a feeling that Yogi Berra may be in favor of transportation on a bike. And Yogi’s words are words to live by.

Although I haven’t made the leap to road biking quite yet (I’m going to wait to make this invest once I’m employed and somewhat fruitful), one of my favorite pastimes is beach cruising. Simply saddling up on my (my mom’s) 3-gear Nirve beach cruiser, packing my basket with the necessities – this usually includes my bike lock, phone, headphones, and a wallet if I remember, strapping on my sexy silver helmet, and peddling out on the open road. Despite the recurring dream I have where I brake too hard or hit a stick and fly over my handlebars, I love the feeling of flying downhill. Of course I often have my left hand clutched on the break and my legs tensed on the backpedal breaks. But who’s watching.

Riding on the beach cruiser is like sitting on a plush barstool; the seat is so big and fluffy that I oftentimes forget I’m on a bike. Unfortunately, my beach cruising is limited to the time I spend at home in Los Angeles – it seems silly to bring a three gear, 500lb bike to one of the hilliest cities in America…but I’m working on it. Not only do you reduce your carbon footprint and save gas money when you travel via bicycle, but you also get more exercise and fresh air…the benefits and opportunities are far from few. Challenge yourself…how many pounds of carbon can you reduce and how much gas money can you save? Every little bit counts.

Some of my favorite cruises:

  • Cruise to yoga – yoga has been proven to slow your metabolism; boost it with some cardio!
  • Cruise to the grocery store – choose only the necessities, no crap – buy only what you can carry
  • Cruise to the nail salon – no point wasting your time waiting for your nails to dry…let nature do the work on your ride home (and riding in foam flip flops is totally fun)
  • Cruise to the gym – vitamin D.
  • Cruise to a fabulous running path – lock up your bike, hope no one steals your helmet, and go. Best part – the ride home is the perfect cool down
  • Cruise to work – unfortunately I haven’t had the opportunity to try this one yet…too many hills in SF
  • Cruise because you want to! Let the fresh air blow in your face and tussle your hair. Pump up the jams and sing out loud – I guarantee you will brighten someone’s day

But the best part about cruising – you have total and complete permission to quote Steve Carrell, or shall I say Andy, in The 40 Year Old Virgin:

“I hope you have a big trunk…because I’m puttin’ my bike in it.”

100% guarantees a date.

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