Run-sploration: The First in My Greries

To my dearest and freshest –

Sincerest apologies, for it has been much too long. I’ve just returned to London from Greece – the sketchy internet connection combined with my laziness to actually use my computer is to blame. Greece has provided me with some great freshfrieda ideas, so I’ve decided to write a freshfrieda Greries (Greek Series)…here you go!

Running/walking/hiking/biking in a new town or city is one of the best ways to explore and understand it. In Santorini, where we stayed for 3 nights, running or exercising outside is sort of unheard of (and I think gyms are as well). To run on most roads in the town we stayed in is like begging to be roadkill. Built into volcanic rock, getting anywhere requires climbing up or down uneven, steep, sometimes donkey s%&$ littered stairs – this is how some of the people I spoke with claim to stay in shape. But I really wanted to run, so I ventured out, found a road relatively  empty of kamikaze drivers and tourists on dirt bikes resembling lawnmowers, and trotted off.

I journeyed down a windy and windy road passing a woman wearing a shirt that read “Single…that’s all you need to know,” (bossyyyyyy) and arrived down at the water on the other side of our previous night’s dinner spot. As I’m super directionally challenged, the fact that I finally understood the town was miraculous.

I even found the rock that they jump off of in The Sisterhood of the Travelling Pants 2 – what a gem. And as I turned back to attempt the stairs up to the town, I met some friendly four-legged fellows who made my adventure that much more worth it. And when their owners asked if I wanted a ride, I thanked them but said I was trying to get some exercise…they just laughed, smiled, and proceeded to chase down the three donkeys who started running away. Although my watch read that I averaged a 13 min mile pace, I’d say that my adventure was more than worth it.

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