The Second in My Greries

Do you ever find that when visiting museums with your family or friends you tend to see the pieces in the museum much more quickly than the rest of your group? This is not to say that you aren’t appreciating and respecting the art or artifacts, but you do so expediently.

If so, I’d say that you’re an ADD museum-goer, like myself. Here are some ways to pass your time/get a little movement going while you wait. And I assure you that you will look no weirder than this guy. 

1. Bench Dips

Place your feet hip-width apart and a couple of feet in front of the bench, engage your core, and using your arms (almost like a backwards push up), simply lower your butt about an inch or two above the ground (make sure that your knees are at a 90 degree angle) and push yourself back up. Simple. And if you’re feeling self conscious, do as many as you can before someone glances your way.

2. The Flying V

While sitting on the bench, shift your weight back and raise your legs so that the only part of your body touching the bench is your tailbone and your body creates a V shape – your knees can be bent so that your shins are parallel to the ground in a 45 degree angle. Tuck your belly toward your tailbone and crunch your body in, and then release back out with your knees bent, or if that’s easy, straighten your legs so that now you’re really in a flying V.

3. The Bicycle Flying V

This is very similar to the Flying V, but rather than crunching both legs in at the same time, you’re now bringing in one leg at a time and crunching opposite elbow to opposite leg.

I guess you could also just do these on a bench in the gym or in a park, but it’s so much more thrilling in a museum. Totally rebellious and only slightly bizarre.

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