Save Money. Live Better. Go to Class.

Do you ever set your alarm in the morning to make it to that yoga, spinning, Zumba, kickboxing, tai-chi…class, but decide to sleep in? Obviously the answer is yes – unless you’re a weirdo superhuman. What’s your secret?!

Nowadays, most classes have online sign-ups – some fill up fast, others not at all. And many class sign-ups have a cancellation policy – my favorite favorite favorite yoga studio, Aha Yoga, has a 12 hr policy. If you cancel within 12 hrs of the class, you’re still charged the expensive yoga fee.

Here you have it, a solution to the hardest part of any exercise class…showing up.

Sign up!

This way, not only are you mentally preparing yourself for the class, subconsciously planning the rest of your day around your exercise activity, but now you have fiscal motivation to get your groove on.

This week, if you usually go to exercise classes with an online sign-up, book a spot even if you know the class won’t fill up. It works for me!

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