My morning routine goes as follows: wake up, un-velcro my night bootie I wear to combat the plantar fasciitis I no longer have, and check my email…on my phone of course with the unfaltering hope that I have a text from someone other than a Markowitz. And I’m still subconsciously curious about whether one of the 20 emails I’ve received is from an important person, when I know from experience that there are only three possibilities – five groupons for Brazilian blowouts and keratin treatments, a FootSmart coupon for free shipping on all geriatric shoes, and articles from my parents. I then spend the next 30 seconds deleting my email, keeping the articles from my dad knowing full well that he has sent me some gems. My mom on the other hand…why did she email me between 2-3am? And why did she send me an article about a woman who makes dresses out of rat pellets, skins, and heads…and then makes meals out of them? P.S. Scroll to page 2 of the article; she so generously shares the recipe for Rat Braise. If you just vomited, my sincerest apologies.

I thought I would change it up a bit and share, with all of my Fresh Frieda Friends, the three articles my dad sent to me this morning.

  1. A Giant Leap for Women, but Hurdles Remain
  2. A Finish Line That She’ll Never Reach
  3. Blissfully Lost in the Woods

Two are in the spirit of Olympics and one is about the environment. And each one made me want to cry. The first for girls who have never experienced true freedom, the second for Paula Radcliffe, and the third for Mother Earth. Crunchy enough for you? This is what I love about these three articles…they made me feel inspired and motived, like I should go for a hike (of course I would bike to the trail) and plant a tree along the way, go on a run in honor of Paula, and figure out a way to change the world. Accomplishing all three of these tasks is ambitious for one day (I did run a half marathon yesterday betchess), but sharing these articles and inspiration is definitely do-able.

Happy Monday!

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