Friendless Explorations

“…with my by myself.” – Kristin Wiig as Dooneese Maharelle

Imagine this situation: you’re yearning to go on an adventure or explore a new place but you can’t find anyone willing to join in your expedition. Sound familiar? If you’ve never been stuck in a similar rut, then you must be John Tucker – pre-girlfriend drama. I on the other hand…call me *Dooneese Maharelle (as played by Kristin Wiig)…for some reason I find myself in this or similar situations relatively often. Does my deodorant work??

And so, I’ve found myself adventuring alone on the friendless occasion. One of my favorite outings is exploring Tennessee Valley. My affinity for Tennessee Valley began this spring after I randomly signed up for a 10k trail run race in Pacifica called the Montara Mountain Trail Run (alone…obviously). During the race I decided that I should start trotting on local trails, you know, jazz it up a little. And so I developed a crush on Tennessee Valley – I was intrigued by the various trails; I yearned to go back, be more adventurous, and rid my fear of getting lost. iPhone maps..duhh. But when I noticed how many people were mountain biking on the trails, I fell in love. Hitching my old hybrid/mountain bike onto the back of Doti (my precious little bubble of a car), I set off to join the biking ranks. Although I’ve only biked there once and have a fear of skidding and flying off the mountain, I feel welcomed by the horse s&*% garnished trail and the deer who don’t flee at my presence.


Next time you want to go do something cool but can’t find a friend, just think…thank god for selfies!

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