Happy Birthday Florenceeee…

…and me too!!

On August 28, 1986, the storks of the barefoot billowy musical sirens dropped an infant Florence Welch (of Florence + The Machine) on a stoop in south London. Three years later, I jumped out of my mom, born from the gods of the terror children, resembling an alien great grandma. Florence and I were like sisters from another mister, mama, year, and make…practically twins.

We both love playing in the sand:

We share a similar passion for dress up…Flo likes dressing up as her favorite movie character while I prefer bundling up for the winter when it’s springtime:

“Florence writes her best songs when she’s drunk or has a hangover, because that’s when the freedom, the feral music comes, creating itself wildly from the fragments gathered in her notebooks and in her head.” Ditto!

Happy Birthday Flo! I can only imagine how meaningful this must be coming from me, your long lost sister.

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