ET Loves Eggplant

“Let’s get one thing straight: most eggplants are not bitter (even though they have every right to be after everything that has been said about them).” – Russ Parsons

You don’t have to tell me, I’ve been a terrible, totally unfresh Frieda. Unacceptable. I’m hopping back on the train – the Fresh Frieda train, that is.

So of course this brings me to todays topic – eggplant. Although I spent this past Monday night vomiting, stricken with what I presume to have been food poising after eating an eggplant dish (I think it was the cheese – what a d*&%), my undying love for the precious, yet slightly ugly purple log burns as fervently as ever.

When I look at an eggplant it sort of reminds me of someone whose first impression you have of them is, “Eww she seems like her idea of excitement is crocheting and she’s probably way less fun than a cardboard box,” but then she opens her mouth and everything she says is really fun and cool and you’re immediately BFF’s. Is that weird that I think that? Eggplant gives off the first impression of a Plain Jane but she’s really a Rowdy Randy. A true hidden gem.

Fun facts about eggplant:

  1. Eggplant is a fruit – botanically classified as a berry – but considered by most chefs and people in general as a vegetable
  2. It’s close relative is tobacco (I’m not 100% sure if they have the same grandma)
  3. They’re in season from August – October, which just so happens to be the trendiest time of year
  4. The dark purple skin provides the most health benefits, containing a very powerful antioxidant called nasunin (remember when I talked about how the richer the color the more nutrients?)

One of my favorite dishes that I cook the second most frequently (I make Bitchin’ Bites more), is a dish of roasted vegetables. Not only do roasted veggies taste like heaven, but you can eat them in every which way. Standing up, sitting at the table, while lunging, perhaps on your toes…in all seriousness though, roasted veggies can be a side dish, you can mix with quinoa or other grains as I did here, you can put them on a salad, eat them cold as a snack, mush them up (I’ve never done this, but it might be good as a dip – look for a post on this in the coming weeks). You get it, roasted veggies adapt themselves into whatever dish you design for them.

Some great eggplant recipes and resources:

Now that you have all the tools, the knowledge, and what I hope to be a newly felt personal connection with the eggplant, all you need to do it this…Open your mouth and let eggplants rock your world! ;)

One thought on “ET Loves Eggplant

  1. Caroline, Grandma told me about I think you are amazing. If I knew how to tweet, text and do the internet, I would follow you every day. In the meantime, I am sending love to you and wishing you a Happy and Healthy New Year. What’s new in mens pants? xoxo Marlene

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