Freaky Frieda’s Feelin’ Fresh

Chooo choooooooo. The Fresh Frieda train has pulled into the station. Now that I’m a working woman I fear that my posts may frequent less, but not to fear, I will certainly figure out the flowing rhythm of my new life.

One of the hardest things for me is the constant desire to snack. Frickin’ annoying. So yesterday I toiled long and hard to create delicious, healthy work treatz. Of course I did so using local and fresh ingredients (I also went on a fab run, got my om on at yoga, and made two batches of Bitchin’ Bites and some Kale Me Maybes) – I want five million high fives from the hippie community.

Wandering around the Fort Mason Farmers Market, I filled my bags with mixed greens, kale, butter lettuce, tomatoes, two apples bigger than my face, 3 peaches as large and round as James and the Giant Peach’s most faithful fruit, mint, basil, a bizarre leafy green reminiscent of an herb but apparently rich in Omega 3’s, so I got it, strawberries, one lonesome cucumber and red pepper, dried apricots, and beets. With all of my market riches I made a weeks worth of quinoa salad (I’m not sure if it will last that long in the fridge, but I’m testing it).

Qunioa on the Rox (aka. over a salad or bed of lettuce)

  • Cook one cup quinoa (I used rainbow quinoa to give it some color)
  • Set quinoa aside to cool
  • In a separate bowl:
  • Chop up half a cuc and half a pepper (ideally in little squares)
  • Saute a couple of leaves of kale in olive oil – stemless of course – and chopped into small pieces
  • Break off as much mint and basil as you’d like
  • Cut up one orange, the juicier the better (these I get from my yoga studio, thank you Aha!)
  • Once the quinoa has cooled a little, add in all of your veggies, mix, and then sprinkle with dried cranberries.
  • Ta-da!!!
  • Scoop this baby on top of a delicious salad or simply some lettuce and there you have it…quinoa on the rox!

Some other work snack ideas:

  • Cut up apple – I always feels like it lasts longer, and that there’s more apple than when I eat it the savage way
  • Tea (preferably mint)
  • Dark chocolate nibbles
  • Annie’s Fruit Snacks

I’m a little bummed though that I forgot one thing at the farmers market…plums.

Happy Monday my little Munchkins!

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