Deskercising 101

Do you ever find yourself sitting at your desk with so much pent up energy that you’re tempted to explode out of your chair to run, jump, and sprint around the office like a phsyco weirdo? Call me Michael Scott…I do all the time.

Do I roll around the office floors and bounce from table to table parkour style? No…maybe I will once I’m more senior, but in the meantime, here are some tactics to help manage that energy flow, keep cool, and maintain a firm sexy tushy. Deskercise!

Frieda’s Favorite Deskercises 

1. Email Butt Clenches

While composing an email clench your butt cheeks whilst writing every other sentence. I can guarantee an improvement in productivity as well as a tight bottom. If you’re self-conscious about doing this in your office, the key is to ensure your facial expression remains calm and relaxed. And please don’t feel like you must limit these to solely emails.

2. 4 Part Standing Pilates Side Series

If you have the luxury of standing at your desk and don’t care what people think, which you shouldn’t, this is your jam. Stand on your right leg, flex your left foot and do 10 side leg raises while keeping your core tight and tucked, engaging your gluteus maximus. Part 2: do 10 front to back leg swings. Part 3: Make 10 decent sized circles with your left leg and then for the last part, switch directions. Ta da! Next foot!

3. Man I Wish I Were Running’s!

While seated in your chair, sit up tall, tuck in the tummy, and kick your feet back and forth. You can make a game out of this one too – every other minute, every other email, all afternoon…see who can kick faster, you or your desk buddy. The options are endless.

4. Criss Cross Apple Sauce

Similar to the Man I Wish I Were Running’s! but instead criss-cross your feet.

5. Tip Toe Tuesday’s

Like the pilates side series, these must be done standing. Simply stand on your toes for calf raises. Only on Tuesday’s though.

6. Chair Walks

This is my personal favorite. Do you want to make more friends at the office? Well…this one’s for you! While sitting in your chair (this chair must be a rolly chair) kick out your heels and travel around the office engaging those hamstrings and abdominals. The best part about this one – office chair races and obstacle courses.

* My form in this one is terrible – on the heels, not the toes…unable to correct this image at the moment

What’s your favorite deskercise?!

Happy Tuesday babushkas!

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