Touchdown Tuesday

It’s almost Thanksgiving – you’re going to eat a lot and you might get fat. Nooooo – fit for winter! One simple solution – exercise (and don’t eat as much – harder said than done). Check it out – exercise can help protect you’re brain from fatty food – WOAHHHHH…don’t feel too bad if you overindulge on Thursday, just do some star jumps and mountain climbers. It’s tough to crush a workout when your music is terrible or you’ve been listening to the same playlist for a month and it’s driving you crazy. Let’s fix this – here are some jams (not really your typical pump up songs, but who likes the reg) to help get that heart pumping, those brain cells multiplying, and those tummies tyght.

Foxes – Echo (FIXYN Remix)

* Start off with this one – once you press play you may just want to fly

alt-J feat. Mountain Man – Buffalo

*awesome middle of your run/workout song – inspiring, chill, just goes with the flow, float to the rhythm

Metric – Help I’m Alive


Cam’ron – Hey Ma

*no matter how many times I listen to this song, it will unfailingly be my favorite rhyme to run to

Icona Pop – I Love It (feat. Charli XCX)

Rudimental – Not Giving In ft. John Newman and Alex Care

* don’t be fooled by the slowish start…it gets crazy plus inspiring

HOHME – Our Reason (Nervo x Special Features x Hook N Sling)

* If you’re into spin class jamz

Half Moon Run – Call Me In The Afternoon

*this one’s just cool – and the video’s sick

P.S. Call Kanye, he can probs help you out.

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