How To Look Like A Victoria’s Secret Angel…

…kidding you never will – but you can feel like one!

The Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show – guys stare drooling and girls sulk, green-eyed, crying. How the f*$% can anyone look like that?! I’ve come to the conclusion that you must have some sort of rare sexy hot gene making it easier to remain fire-pole skinny, yet not emaciated, curvy, and supple-breasted. All Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show models have some very distant relation to Aphrodite…a highly educated hypothesis I’ve concluded to make myself feel better.

While I stood in a bar sipping on I -don’t-want-to-know-how-high-calorie margaritas from a straw watching Justin Bieber (are he and Ellen Degeneras twins?!) serenade these “angels,” all I could think about was that if I ever even dreamed of looking like these modern-day goddess’s  I’d have to first wear a wig or get hair implants, grow…taller, and then either become a drunkorexic or sustain myself on celery, diuretics, and drugs. But all of that seems far too complicated, torturous, slightly unhealthy, potentially unnatural, maybe even a little bit unenjoyable, and depending on what route I take, more expensive than my weekly Whole Foods trip. 

But, whatever, so is life – you can still look hot and feel as sexy as Miranda Kerr. How, you may ask? The answer:

  • Eat well – by well I don’t mean heartily, but rather healthy, mindfully, and everything moderately
  • Exercise
  • Don’t sit on your butt all day! Work while standing, deskercise, or come up with whatever ergonomical solution you can to sprinkle some pizzazz into your work life – who gives a shit what Frank thinks when you break into squats
  • Do something that makes you happy
  • Surround yourself with good people
  • If you really want to glow, you can even get pregnant (kids, do not take this last point seriously)

Looking good stems from feeling good. And feeling good is an attainable goal. Try it…you might even grow addicted.

Train Like An Angel

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10-Minute Fat Blasting Circuit

Sexy Arm Sculptor’s

Jam Out Like An Angel

Happy Wednesday Betches!

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