The Snack to Shred On…AB&J

There’s nothing like a gently smushed, on-the-brink of frozen, yet still hinting towards mushy, almond butter and jelly sandwich (peanut butter is fabulous too if you prefer). I have a feeling Robert Redford would agree.

How do you make an AB&J this delicious?! You ski. When crafting this delicacy, do so with the mindset that it will be the best, cut it in half (down the middle or diagonally), stick the petunia in a small ziplock baggie, and then choose a pocket on the inside of your ski jacket (preferably near your belly) where your new best friend (insert name here) will spend the morning. It is now time to shred the gnar pow.


A winter skiing AB&J tastes better than its springtime counterpart – the combination of the potentially below freezing wind-chill temperatures mixed with your body heat elevates this AB&J to extraordinary status. Better yet, throw in a couple of spills and you have the perfect mush. You can even use your AB&J to determine how hard and well you’ve been skiing.

A lunchtime AB&J is a must for the weekend getaway, 20-something skier. It’s cheap and a quick munchy. Eat it on the charlift, in the lift line, in a lodge, while waiting for your group to convene…be creative. When you only have two solid days of skiing, why waste a chunk of your day waiting in line for food, and then the rest of the afternoon on the toilet because of the chilly you stupidly ate. You don’t need to!


fresh whole wheat bread (or cinnamon raisin ezekiel bread – amazing)

almond butter (the best is the kind with one ingredient – almonds)

strawberry or raspberry jelly (my favorites)

if you really want to go crazy, slice up some banana for the middle – spice it upp

After re-fueling, time for glamour shots!


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