‘Chella Two: Ben Howard


“No man is an island, this I know
But can’t you see?
Maybe you were the ocean when I was just a stone”
– Ben Howard, Black Flies

Ben Howard subsists on two things  – his guitar and surfboard. Born on Britain’s beaches, Ben’s career swelled during surf competitions; his music and lyrics inspired by nature and the vast Atlantic. A British Jack Johnson? Nahhh, not even close!

Fluidity encapsulates his style – he strums so rhythmically but when he opens his mouth his vibrato is as unpredictable as the ocean. An adorable hippie, Ben’s motto rolls: “if a song lasts with you, then it’s worth recording.” His lyrics are painted with images of our beautiful environment.

Fun Facts:

  • His parents live on Ibiza….of course Ben’s cool
  • His favorite song he wrote – Black Flies “The best song I’ve written; it feels good when I play it…the one song on the album that I could probably listen to – listen to it and think about someone else and not think that it was me singing.”
  • He can’t write music
  • A total hippie and a man of the woods

*Quotes come from his interview on The World Cafe (4/24/12)

Favorites (along with the below): Old Pine, Only Love, Keep Your Head Up, Under the Same Sun

Depth Over Distance

The Wolves

Old Pine (Peking Duk Remix)

The Fear (Moonlight Matters Rework)

Ben, please, please, please….CALL ME MAYBE?

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