Trenée Tuesday: The Cost-Effective Standing Desk

photo (6)About a week ago, my new roomies and I came up with the term trenée. It’s trendy for trendy, sort of comparable to the term saucy, but much fresher. And the cost-effective standing desk is certainly trenée.

Do you daydream of standing at your desk while you feel your butt turn to mush on the chair below you? Ew, right?! The solution – stand at your desk. And you don’t need a fancy standing desk to do so…most of us aren’t adroit computer engineers. Stack up boxes, invest in an egg crate, fold up a couple of sweatshirts depending on your height, and I’m sure Stefon would recommend the midget-holding-up-your-computer-for-you tactic. Apologies, perhaps that was politically incorrect.


The deskercising options while standing are endless – balance on one leg, yoga tree pose, squat, lunge, clench your legs and cheeks, stand on your toes or calf raises, plié, Irish dance, and most importantly, stand up straight, tuck in your tailbone, and engage your core. Get fit for summer at work!

 Trenée Tunes for Tuesday

Banks – Warm Water

Fitz and the Tantrums – 6AM

DJ Koze feat. Caribou – Track ID Anyone?

Mausi – Losing You // Say My Name

Chris Malinchak – So Good To Me

Empire Of The Sun – Alive (Zedd Remix)

Say Lou Lou – Fool Of Me Feat. Chet Faker

Peace love and standing desks


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