994276_10151500260903723_1136634912_nThe youngest little Frieda is currently in Bhutan saving the Earth. Thought I’d share some of her email tidbits and insights. Sarah, I hope you don’t mind! :) My sis is the coolest, funniest, cutest, most awesome munchkin I’ve ever met.

My home stay was a family of a mom, dad, 3 sons, and a grandma. The mother had divorced her husband and married a new man who she had this precious baby Tanzin with. He was an obese little 6 month old, probably because the mom breastfed him every second. The mother had 3 sons with another man but the eldest, 14, was at a monastery in Paro because he is a reincarnation of lama.”

“I sung some karaoke and this Bhutanese boy Sangay told me that I stick out cause I am short…but I am his height.” 

“We also interviewed a monk who looked ancient but was probably 80 (2 long teeth), and some other man.”



Three fresh tracks to krump to diz weekend.

Tyga – Dope

Pusha T – Numbers On The Boards

Alan Wilkis – More Than Normal (feat. Childish Gambino)



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