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“Marathons are like childbirth. Hurts so much you say you’ll never do it again and then you quickly forget.” Mom

photo (14)This past Sunday (Father’s Day) I ran and completed the SF Marathon – first timer baby. The painphoto (15) is incomparable to that of losing your virginity and if childbirth hurts much more than the final hour of the race…MAMA!!!!!

Macklemore & Ryan Lewis – Stay At Home Dad 

Lana Del Ray – Young and Beautiful (Unlike Pluto remix)

Joywave – Tongues (ft. Kopps) (RAC Mix) 

Wet – Bad Idea 

photo (13)I did a good job forgetting the last 10k, but I do remember that I felt as though my upper groin (maybe ovaries?) was going to explode, and every muscle fiber in my legs twitched to the beat of me cursing the mile signs for resting .08 miles too far apart from one another. But when I looked up, took in my surroundings, and contemplated my situation, my bitterness turned to inspiration.

photo (12)

Reasons I never stopped and walked:

  • Boston Strong posters and t-shirts
  • Thinking about my best friend who’s fighting in Afghanistan
  • Signs reading – “pain is fleeting, finishing is forever”
  • Random supporters cheering my name with so much enthusiasm you’d think we were related
  • High-fives from strangers
  • Drinking a million pink ladies at the Tipsy Pig
  • Thinking – “no fucking way am I doing this again, so I can’t walk”
  • Knowing that unlike Sian Welch and Wendy Ingram (must watch the youtube embedded below), I didn’t just swim 2.4 miles and then bike 112

After crossing the finish line, the thought of running another marathon sounded more awful to me than than repeating middle school. But then something weird happened – my post-run high persisted for days, I forgot about how painful the last 10k was, and decided to sign up for the NYC marathon in November. No turning back now. I regretted my decision the moment I submitted my run for charity registration, but that runner’s high craving part of my brain took over. Perhaps I’m bi-polar or have dual-personality, but I’ll save that for my psychologist.

Asher Roth – Pass That Dutch

Generationals – Put A Light On

Dan Croll – Compliment Your Soul (the very best remix)

Bibio – A tout a l’heure

Of course, enjoy the jams I hobbled to – CRUSH CITY TRICKKKKKKK


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