Spoon With Your Smoothie

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Do you ever feel unsatisfied with a morning smoothie despite its deliciousness? If you’re like me and really really enjoy eating (there’s nothing like biting into something wonderful, am I right?) then perhaps a breakfast smoothie is a hard meal concept for you to wrap your head around.

But I’ve solved this conundrum for you. Don’t suck that smoothie down with a straw. Bite into it with a spoon. Obviously bite into it with the back teeth unless you’re one of those weirdos immune to frozen front teeth ache.

Satisfying, refreshing, cool (literally), delicious, and of course so trendy…in 2015…because not everyone is doing it yet! 

I’ve been making smoothies a lot recently with my new and fabulous Ninja blender. My roommate things it’s his though. Ahemmmmm. And if you reallyyyy want to be fresh like Frieda, chop up fresh fruit the night before, stick it in a bag or tupperware, and throw it, gently, in the freezer. Using frozen fuit avoids the need to add ice. Boom baby boom.

Freaky Fresh for Monday Smoothie

*(the amount of each ingredient is up to your discretion…I also don’t measure so I’m being slightly lazy here)

Frozen rainbow chard or kale (this I buy frozen)
About 1 tbs chia seeds
Coconut water

*For best spoon results, put it in the freezer once you get to work*


The S-watch is also going to be the trend of 2015. Sexy Watch.

photo (29)

*Did things differently this time. Thought most appropriate to dedicate a separate post to jamz


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