Sango & Lorde

Sango – That Freakin Glow

It amazes me how many gifted musicians appear out of what seems like nowhere. How is everyone so talented?! Can you imagine how many could-have-been-discovered musicians fell through the cracks in the times before the internet. And maybe a musical savant is living in a remote Indian tribal village and the world will never hear her music. Crazy. While it’s hard enough to keep track of the up-and-coming, underground, independent artists emerging in the USA alone, it seems to me that recently most budding artists hail from abroad. Like Ella Yelich-O’Connor (who the world knows as Lorde), the 16 year old prodigy from New Zealand. She’s soo cool.

But we have Sango. He’s one my new favorites. This Michigan-based producer recently released his new album, North – it’s sexier than sexy and vibe-able all day, and night, long. When he sings, he sounds like Miguel, but more understated, sultry, and electronic.

My favorite Sango beatz:


Last, but certainly not least, tell me you’re not melting when you hear Trust Me. Relax and drive baby.

On a separate note, I concocted a Lorde-Inspired playlist compiled of music from artists who inspired her greatness (according to her interview with Spotify). What does Ella do at house parties?! “Well, there’s some pretty inventive like games and dares that happen. Many involve eating strange things – like someone put a dozen sausages down their throat, just inserted right down their throat.” – Ella (Lorde)

Deptford Goth is great.

Tennis Courts

wink wink.

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