Wyoming, the Equality State

550929_4187247439350_2063124173_n“Do the things you used to talk about doing but never did.” – Kristin Armstrong

I’ve never been to Jackson Hole, or even to Wyoming for that matter. But on Monday, with my bags packed, budget memorized but totally dependent on my work, and ski helmet strapped on, I will head to the Wild West. A total JH newbie. My lifelines – granola, duct tape, and my favorite stuffed animal named Moosey.

“Jackson Hole is generally known for great steeps, big snowstorms, and a vibe that’s Wild West meets ski party.” – Gordy Megroz, Outside Magazine 

Along the rookie lines, after incessantly asking a mutual friend living in Jackson trivial questions that aren’t worth repeating, I suggested she write a beginners guide to JH. And then I thought, sitting at my kitchen table as a totally inexperienced bummer babe, this could be a good side project. While embarking on the ski bum journey I’ve always dreamed about, cementing my work plans upon arrival, I, Caroline Frieda Markowitz am determined to come up with a chicks guide to bumming – how to make the most of a frugal lifestyle subsisting on mountain work.

My first piece of advice: talk to people, as many people as you can connect with, even if your connection is 542191_4199048534370_1668780723_ninexplicably convoluted. And don’t be afraid of finding roommates in the classified section of the Jackson Hole Radio website…I shouldn’t speak too soon.

Why Jackson? Simple. Wyoming is sort of trendy. And by trendy I mean that it houses a couple of cool firsts, not to mention fridgidy fun facts:

  • The average temperature in the valley is 21 degrees Fahrenheit…toastyyyy.
  • Yellowstone is the first nation park; it was even deemed a national park before Wyoming became a state.
  • Devils Tower is the first national monument.
  • Some hip Wyomingite ranchers gave birth to the word “dude.”
  • JH is named after the beaver trapper, David E. Jackson, originally referred to as “Jackson’s Hole” – catchy.
  • It’s the first state to grant us betches the right to vote. In fact, in 1920, the mayor of WY was a chicadee.photo (6)
  • It’s the least populated of all 50 American states. My own little Walden Pond.
  • I guess the skiing is alright…
  • The state dinosaur is the Triceratops. Kale Yeah!
  • And the Jackson Hole Air Force ruled (watch below).

The only quotes I could find about Wyoming…curious:

“I didn’t learn how to swim until I was 21 or something because I grew up in the mountains in Wyoming and the water is glacial runoff and cold.” – Matthew Fox

“My mom has this great skiing event in Jackson Hole, Wyoming, every year for a local charity.” – Joely Fisher

In summation…

Stay tuned…xoxo


Of course, it wouldn’t be Friday without some jamz…Kale Yeah!

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