The Marathoner’s Guide to Non-Training

photo (21)In the spirit of next weekend’s NYC Marathon, I’d like to dedicate these Friday jams to the trotters and the woggers (walk-joggers) of the world. Whatever your thing is, just go with it. 

Personally, I was somewhat surprised when I realized it was almost Nov 3rd (NYC Marathon day)…if I survive next Sunday’s race, I’m going to publish the newest, hottest, trendiest training guide:

 The Marathoner’s Guide to Non-Training, by Caroline Frieda Markowitz

photo (23)

 *Kids, don’t smoke*

 “Don’t make excuses or complain about things of your own doing. Just deal with it. What’s past is past. Learn from it. Don’t repeat the same mistakes.” – My Dad (Upon telling him how unprepared I feel for next Sunday…haha thanks, Dad)

Please Running Gods, tell me everything is going to be okay.

photo (22)With that, I’m headed out on a test trot inspired by the eerily fitting music video that the Dirty Projectors released today. It features a runner jogging between Grand Teton National Park and Yellowstone…exactly where my trot is about to take me. Good vibes, baby, good vibez.

Also, my brutally honest dad rode in a 100-mile bike race last weekend and he’s kind of old…

P.S. It’s not too late to donate to my run :) Click here

Dirty Projectors – Impregnable Question

Stay High – Hippie Sabotage (Tove Lo Flip) 

M.I.A. – Y.A.L.A 

Mike Skinner – Know There’s No

Oh Land – Cherry on Top

French Horn Rebellion – Caaalifornia Feat. Ghost Beach 

Pusha T – Numbers on the Board

Say Lou Lou – Better In The Dark 

Flight Facilities – Clair De Lune feat. Christine Hoberg (Prins Thomas Diskomiks) 

And the moment you’ve all been waiting for…

The Crawl


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