The Power of Music

It wasn’t until high school that music began playing a powerful role in my life. Until then, I loved dancing and singing along to songs, but failed to listen. Slow R&B beats struck hopefulness that my crush would ask me to stiff-armed slow-dance; fast paced, bass heavy thumps were a form of pre-game pump up; Spice Girls jams were code for “let’s make up a dance!!!”; anything classic rock was already playing in my dad’s car long before anyone had hopped in.

But through the years, music has proven much more. As someone who’s always struggled with expressing her emotions, feeling shy or embarrassed to share certain things, music is not only an inspiration, but a refreshing surge of reassurance. Certain songs speak so powerfully to me…at times I feel like a closed emo high schooler. Songs have made me cry, smile, feel comforted, want to scream out – omg yess, and those I find terrible, gag. I wonder though, does music have this same effect on everyone. It’s an art form so powerfully moving – in just 4 minutes, a song can turn my day, mood, and hopelessness around.

Bob Dylan & Bruce Springsteen – Forever Young



*running super late, but wanted to post this…follow-up later…

Bleachers – I Wanna Get Better (RAC Remix) 

Sam Smith – Stay With Me (Black Space Remix) 

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