“…and at once I knew I was not magnificient.” Bon Iver

I daydream. A lot. Mostly while exercising. Often stemming from the song bumping in my headphones. Like when I hear 1,2 Step I imagine I’m with my friends in the middle of a honky-tonk bar when suddenly, we break out like saucy Ciara and Missy. And Work It...gets me every time. Same deal, but instead of fans blowing in our sultry faces, bees swarm the scene. Drama.


But then Ben Howard comes on and I imagine he’s serenading me – we write a song together and then he inspires me to achieve everything I’ve ever dreamed. He whispers softly into my ear…”Start a granola company, why don’t you?!.”



And then I wonder, with all this mental imagery I’ve done while trotting, is it possible that I’d be able to pull off any of my imaginary moves? Doubtful, but not impossible. With the change of the song, my daydream and mood shifts as suddenly as if I clicked the channel up button. One moment I’m the worlds best twerker, the next I’m an emotional, feeling poet, and then I’m a world champion extreme athlete winning races and skiing off cliffs, motivational jams to back me up.

The one common theme to these daydreams…they’re selfishly motivated. All of these false triumphs are further inflated by attention. I don’t think I’ve ever been biking and imagined myself in a remote African village curing Ebola. This is no doubt telling. It’s like I’m Mary Katherine Gallagher in Superstar, daydreaming about my moment of fame. This makes me feel selfish, uncaring, close-minded, and pathetic. And I contemplate this. But if I learned one thing from Kobe Bryant, it’s this:

“When my “obnoxious roommate” knocks on the door in my head, I’ve found it’s better just to let him in. If you try to tune him out, he just bangs louder. If you let him in, he sits down, watches TV and shuts up. Know what I mean?” – KB

In the meantime, I’ll just keep swimming.

Zella Day – Compas (Luis The Child Remix)

Odesza – Say My Name ft. Zyra (cln Remix) 

Cold War Kids – First 

Ben Howard – Hideaway (Kiesza cover) 



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