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Founder of Born to Crunch – Jackson Holesome Granola.

In May 2011 I graduated from Princeton University with a BA in history, a certificate in environmental studies, an itchy yet sexy varsity sweater and the looming question of what comes next.

I’ve since lived in San Francisco, Jackson Hole, Denver and currently reside in New York City. 

In 2014 I launched a granola company, Born to Crunch, while living in Jackson; I carry a piece of the special mountain town wherever I go. With company growth came the need to relocate to Denver, a city at the heart of the natural food industry, until moving to NYC for graduate school. In the fall of 2018 I became a MS/RD candidate in nutrition and exercise physiology at Columbia University. My goal is become an expert, or master, in the field and apply this knowledge to clients, as well as Born to Crunch products. My never ending road of learning and discovery is made possible by crunching.


Caroline Frieda Markowitz

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FreshFrieda began as a solution to one of my biggest problems…doing nothing with the influx of ideas – normal, bizarre, cool, creative, stupid – that I think of while going about my days, lost in the real world. And it thrives as my favorite creative outlet. Enjoy.


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  1. Hi Frieda, so great to meet a fellow Tiger! I’m Princeton Class of 2013, Butler College, Princeton Men’s Tennis…love your blog! I’ll be sure to send you an email soon.

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